January 2018




Conductor's Report

Aled Morgan noted that we have had another busy year. He thanked all the members for their excellent singing especially the soloists Roger, Kevin, Iwan Morgan, Meirion, Ieuan, Gwilym, Bryn, Bili and Iwan Morus, for their contributions. The Christmas concert at Aber Artro was a great success and he thanked Phil for organising the evening and for his sterling work as the choir compere. He thanked all the members for their support during the year; this backing makes the task of leading the choir much easier. He also thanked Andy and Adrian for carrying the equipment from concert to concert, Meirion and Wyn for travelling such long distances, Bryn, Iwan, and Ieuan for background support, and a big thanks to Merfyn for being such an excellent chairman. He thanked Gwilym and Iwan Morgan for standing in the breach during his absences, and also Idris for his support as our accompanist. He is looking forward to the trip to Norway and is glad to welcome the two latest recruits - John and Ifor.

Chairman's Report

There are now 30 members in the Choir. The two highlights of 2017 were being hosts to the Forssa Choir from Finlsnd in June and the memorable Christmas concert at Aber Artro. Mervyn Williams thanked everyone for their help during the year, especially the officers Ifan, Bryn, Ieuan and Iwan. Aled, Idris and Gwilym also made a key contribution to the Choir's success during the year. Mervyn also alluded to the deaths of three ex-members in the past two months - Meirion Thomas, Glyn Roberts and Bill Roberts.

Treasurer's Report

Bryn Lewis reorted that the finances were sound.

Clwb 200

Ieuan Edwards stated that Clwb 200 did not actually have 200 members and that there was a need to attract new members for the end of March. He thanked everyone for their support.

Election of new officers

Chairman: Ifan Lloyd Jones
Vice Chairman: Mervyn Williams
All the other members will remain in post.


There is a general worry that there is nowhere to store the choir memorabilia in the new hall at Llanbedr. Some of these are precious artefacts and they deserve to be in public view. We shall approach the committee once again and appeal for permission to place the memorabilia in a suitable location.
Numerous concerts have been organised for 2018 in Harlech, Llanbedr, Liverpool, Llwyngwril and Newtown as well as the trip to Norway. We will redouble our efforts to prepare a CD during the year and we will also strive to produce a professional updated official photograph of the current Choir.